With Fuller Direct, you get factory direct order processing, billing, & shipping. The Fuller Brush Company is a 100+ year old tradition. Your mother trusted us, so can you. 

About The Fuller Brush Company

On a cold, crisp winter day...New Year's 1906...a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Nova Scotia, Alfred C. Fuller, began an enterprise which has become known worldwide as The Fuller Brush Company. From a bench between the furnace and the coal bin in his sister's New England home, young Fuller set out to make, in his own words: "...the best products of their kind in the world."

Through the years, The Fuller Brush Company has grown from one man's fiber suitcase, filled with unique custom-made brushes, to an exciting collection of home/business care, and personal care products, all crafted with the same quality and precision that have made The Fuller Brush Company a name welcomed everywhere.
From the beginning Fuller established three basic rules:

  • Make it work
  • Make it last
  • Guarantee it no matter what.

Today, over a century later, these words still guide The Fuller Brush Company.

About Mark Haynes

I have been a Fuller Distributor since 1997. I am a Navy veteran, member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, widower, dad, uncle, grandfather, believer. 

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